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Saturday, May 17, 2008

I really hate to defend Barack Obama but when people this stupid speak out against him, I really have no choice.

I actually saw this on MSNBC this morning on my way to the Disney Channel so the kid could watch some Saturday morning cartoons.

Now...I hate Obama probably as much as any republican. I'm not going to deny this for an instant...however, I really have to say that some of the right wing people here are complete idiots.

First off, I really think that Bush's comment was aimed at Obama. McCain really is the weaker candidate out of the pair...whether you want to admit it or not.

I really am fighting the bile raising in my throat while writing this at having to be forced to defend Obama...however, it seems that some of the right-wing hosts have no idea what appeasement is.

Nevelle Chamberlain conceded part of Czechoslovakia to Hitler.

The Iran Contra affair is another example of appeasement.

I am currently working on a blog about some of the more interesting dynamics of fruit fly reproduction...namely the evolutionary aspects of gamete competition in fruit flies. However, it seems there is nowhere for me to park on the ISU campus during the summer. There's about half a dozen papers I need to look over and none of them I currently have access to.

Expect something next week at the very earliest.


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