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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Larry Fafarman, AIG, The ICR and Poe's Law

The idiocy of creationists and people like the Discovery institute never fails to amaze me. Or amuse me.

I mean, they've peddled the same bullshit for decades without ever realizing that their arguments are, in fact bullshit.

Of course, they cover it up with dishonesty, bad arguments (specified complexity, anyone?) and just ad-hoc reasoning in general.

Of course, one of the most prevalent things that I've noticed is that they'll take any excuse to attribute their own faults to athiests.

The latest example is Larry Fafarman. You'll be familiar with him if you post over at scienceblogs. He's a persistant pest in the blogs of anyone who writes about evolution.

Anyways, it seems that Fafarman doesn't realize that The Onion is a fake newspaper that runs satirical articles.

He cites an article where athiests supposedly flocked to a stain that beared a resemblance to Charles Darwin. The article is meant at ridecule, but people frequently flock to the images of the Virgin Mary, Jesus and such. Rank hypocrisy.

It's bad enough that Answers in Genesis seems to think that every bigfoot hoax is proof against evolution. Even the ICR falls for things like April fools jokes.

The reason they do this is because they're simply not interested in honest debate. When they do actually participate in one, they generally get crushed under the weight of the evidence.

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