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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Youtube Gems: Katy Rose

I have a science post coming up on Friday, thanks to the 'schedule post' function so I figured I'd do a music post this week.

This song is called Catch My Fall by Katie Rose and you can find the lyrics here.

The clips in the background are from the movie Thirteen which is about a young teenage girl (played by Evan Rachel Wood) who discovers drugs, sex, crime and numerous other bad things through the help of the 'popular girl'. It's a coming-of-age clique story, but it's the fucked-up version which shows the things you'll never see in a Lindsay Lohan film. It deals with drug addiction, depression and shows cutting as well as a handful of other things I remember seeing a couple of my friends going through back in my early high school days. The movie deals with it's themes bluntly and honestly without trying to glorify or euphamize anything which happens during the course of the movie.

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